the moon has landed ;)

Now they are here!!

Three surly moonlanders arrived with the plane today! :) :)

Thank you Jens from Brown Couch AS, and our Longyearbyen friends Miriam, Sunil, Berit and Yann that made it possible! You are awsome, all of you! :)

So today was an INTENSE day. Starting with some car repairs, changing tires and so on. Dirty job, our poor car has been neglected this year. Then straight to the airport to pick up the bikes.

Then our flat turned into a bike-workshop. The parcel with tools, pedals and a bike stand has not arrived yet, but we were too eager to get one bike together to wait for that, so with the tools we have, and some improvising we managed to asamble one of the bikes.  The frustration was quite big, standing there with a complete bike, but without pedals!

We want to give an extra thank you to the dead bike that donated its fancy pedals to us ;)


you can fit three bike- boxes inside our car :)

Tomorrow is test riding day!!