Cristmas program

My very first Swedish “vörtbröd” is in the oven. Celebrating far away from home makes us both creative in the Kitchen, we have Austrian Lebkuchen, Swedish pepparkakor, and some more good stuff for tomorrow. There will be both Glögg and… Continue Reading


Can I rent a bike? No, unfortunately not. If you want to leave the safe zone around town on your own, you must bring a flare gun or similar and a sufficient firearm. If you only need a bike for… Continue Reading

Northern Lights!

It is really beautiful outside, long lasting sunset, and to the south the first northern lights of the year! Here on Spitsbergen we are that far north, that we often see northern lights to the south. This short time of… Continue Reading

Great Conditions :)

The last few days the conditions for fatbiking has been awesome. Hard packed snow, you can drive more or less everywhere, and quite some tracks (dogsledge, snowmobile, beltwaggon) to follow when you want to take it easy. Thomas just came… Continue Reading

Possible to book!

Now it is possible to book a tour with us! Only one tour available so far, but there will be more coming. Check out “tours” and “booking”  


You will not enjoy your FatBike tour if you are freezing and hypothermia is indeed a bigger problem than Polar Bears 😉 For general information about how to dress for your Spitsbergen adventure, read the info from our tourist information.… Continue Reading