fresh snow, pulka test and sun

Light is coming back more and more. Thomas went up at 06:00 on saturday to ski up to Trollsteinen, a mountain close by to see the sun. I still did not see it. But its close now! Hiorthamn has sun for a few hours every day. There has also been some fresh snow the last few days, so svalbard is white and beautiful again!

Yesterday I wanted to take Salmiak for a trip, just her and me. To try out if she can pull a ski-pulk while running next to the bike. To make a long story short, it did not work 😉 The pulk was the most scary thing she ever experienced. So we will have to work on it. With a lot of “candy” and time it might work.

We also finally see some action on the booking front :) And we hope for more!

Mentally both me and Thomas went in to the stage of “What is this stupid thing with day and night!? Soooo annoying. As soon as you get used to its light then its dark again” Bring us 24h of daylight! Some normal spitsbergen conditions please! 😀