First trip with Guests!

So It finally happened :) Rushil and Antorweep from India became FatBike Spitsbergens first guests!

As a proper guide I had cheked the conditions the night before, everything looked good, quite some new snow and big snowdrifts, but a really good track starting from the dog yard. So there would be a “easy route” in case of to much fresh snow from the last days snowstorms. The tide had not been an issue for weeks.

Well, when we came out, the track was covered in water and slush, and the tide stretched far in to Adventdalen. So no easy route here ;) Time for some deep snow fatbikeing. :D

We left the road, and started a zigzag ride out in the valley, finding good snow, riding a bit, getting stuck, up on the bike again. We got to try many different types of snow, hard packed, soft snowdrifts, snow with crust just thick enough that you float if your fast and get stuck if you stop. At one place we had snow where it was possible to bike, but on foot we sank in really deep!

We saw some northern lights, and had hot drinks and snacks on the other side of the frozen river.

All in all a nice trip, we did not get very far, but had fun while riding!

Thats the way it is. Nature decides the conditions. We just have to obey ;)

Thanks to Antorweep for sharing his pictures.