FatBike – Bike’n Action in Bear Valley | 4h

In short: Action, Seaside, Scenic views, Mining History.

On this trip you will get to really try what the FatBikes actually can do for you. This trip is designed for experienced mountain bike riders. We put the focus on giving you the opportunity to challenge you and the bikes within your capabilities. Along the way you can experience beautiful views and our most scenic remains of the coal mining history.

We start in Longyearbyen at your hotel and bike to the old “Taubanesentralen“. From here we will continue on the old road “Burmaveien” which offers great views. At the end of Burmaveien we can spot the Global Seed Vault. Here it will also be possible to ride in an old dirtbike racetrack. We then pass the horse centre and head towards a massive relict of the past industry, the “Titan” crane. From here we can bike along the beach where you want to have those fat tires in the loose gravel and bumpy rocks. Depending on the tide we will crawl back up on the road to continue into Bjørndalen (Bear Valley) where the road itself gets more bumpy. In the hillsides it will be possible to crawl up and speed down old mining roads entirely made of loose rocks and we continue until we reach a part of Mine 3. From here it will be possible to continue a bit further into the valley where we can play with the bikes in the hillside. To get back to town we will bike back trough Bjørndalen and take the main road to Longyearbyen.

The trip itself is quite similar to Bike’n Barbecue in Bear Valley and it is possible to add features of the other product if all participants agree.

Fitness: Good fitness required. You should have mountain biking experience.

During the trip we offer hot drinks and cookies. We equip you with helmets, goggles and balaclavas. Dress for some physical activity and bring something extra warm to wear during the stop.

  • Season: May – October and on special request
  • Group size: 1 – 4 Adult + 2 Children
  • Duration: about 4 hours
  • Price: NOK 895,- / participant