You will not enjoy your FatBike tour if you are freezing and hypothermia is indeed a bigger problem than Polar Bears 😉

For general information about how to dress for your Spitsbergen adventure, read the info from our tourist information. Here is also info about climate and clothing in general.

On our FatBike trips you need to bring your own clothing. The tricky part is, that we will be physically very active but also need to be prepared to stop. Therefore we need to minimize sweating in the first place by peeling off layer by layer and later we need some extra insulation to put on. Look at this graphic and do it exactly or as close as you can like that.

Bring an empty backpack and a bottle of water. You will put some layers into the backpack while biking and put them back on when we stop. Do bring a thin windbreaker jacket if you have. We also offer empty bike bags if you don’t have a backpack.

Especially in winter it might be a good idea to purchase some chemical heating pads for your toes and put them into your boots before the trip starts to avoid cold feet. You can also put them in your pocket to warm the fingers. They are available many places in Longyearbyen, just ask your reception desk.