New Tours!

So the creativity is high, and we have developed two new tours. Really short ones for people with only a little time. Or people that don’t want to bike for so long. Both tours are completely on road and easy. Panorama tour by bike (1,5h) 350 NOK and Bike trip to the Polar bear sign (1h) 300 NOK More information under “tours”

New pictures!

A friend from Sweden looked at the homepage for me one day, to give some feedback. And the first thing she said was, “there is no pictures of you riding your bikes in a row” you need to put some pictures like that. We tried to get some ourselves, but its not that easy. You need to be quite far away with the camera to make the pictures nice. And now its anyways dark 24/7 so no more chances this year. Lucky us, our friend David happened to be out skiing while we made the last bike trip in light! And as a dedicated member of Longyeabyen Fotoklubb he had his camera ready. So now there are new pictures in our header, and in the gallery. Thanks David!

© David Wrangborg

© David Wrangborg

BIKES and more

So now its clear! We will be riding the fattest of the fattest :) Surly Moonlander!! Three of them are in Oslo waiting for us to find a way to bring them up here. The other three will come sometime in October. It feels really good to have this important part decided! I am really keen on trying them out up here.

The day today was filled with office work for me. Thomas went for a small test trip in the evening, and figured out that this was no place to bring guests. So after that i could send the autumn tour plan to Sysselmannen for approval, being sure that we did not miss any good tracks.

Now again, time to sleep! //Karin

FatBike – biking on snow

The tour starts right at your hotel/hostel. You get your FatBike and off we go! We stay out for three hours and go where the conditions are the best on this particular day. Wind and snow conditions are constantly changing. And while fat biking you need to follow the rules of the nature.


Halfway we stop and take a longer break having hot drinks and snacks. The speed is adjusted to the participants of the tour.


We equip you with helmets, googles and balaclavas. Dress for some physical activity and bring something extra warm to wear during the stop.

Price: 750 NOK / person

Group size: 1-5 persons

Duration: 3 hours

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