Terms and Conditions

 Insurance  The costumer is responsible to have a proper travel insurance. FatBike Spitsbergen has a search and rescue insurance that covers transport to the closest hospital in case of an accident. Customer’s responsibilities The customer always has to follow the… Continue Reading

About FatBike Spitsbergen

FatBike Spitsbergen is a small company situated in Longyearbyen, Svalbard. Established in August 2013 it offers the northernmost guided tours with FatBikes 😉 It started as a family company by Karin and Thomas and was then sold to Fatbike Adventures… Continue Reading

the moon has landed ;)

Now they are here!! Three surly moonlanders arrived with the plane today! Thank you Jens from Brown Couch AS, and our Longyearbyen friends Miriam, Sunil, Berit and Yann that made it possible! You are awsome, all of you! So today… Continue Reading